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BI Office

Intraworks werkt onder andere met BI Office van Pyramid analytics. Dit is een toegankelijke data discovery & analytics tool om meer uit je data te halen op een centraal gecontroleerde wijze zodat iedereen altijd dezelfde data gebruikt voor zijn of haar analyses.

BI Office integreert de vier primaire functies van BI tools in één enkele, naadloos geïntegreerde oplossing maar dan gecontroleerd..

Bij Intraworks weten we precies hoe we BI Office optimaal voor uw organisatie laten werken. We bieden ook ondersteuning aan u en uw medewerkers om het programma optimaal te gebruiken. Meer weten over wat er mogelijk is?

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Web-Based Governed Data Discovery and Analytics Platform (engels)

BI Office integrates the four principal functions of any comprehensive BI strategy into a single, seamless application.

  • Data Discovery, Story Boards and Publications all out of the box
  • Make Your Story Come Alive
  • Self-service capabilities without security or data risks
  • Easy to use, familiar interface for short ramp up time
  • Tiered licensing model to maximize value on investment
  • Access to Your Data From Anywhere
  • Reduce the Cost of Design and Distribution
  • Enterprise Ready Scalability for large organizations
  • Event Based Triggered Reports

BI solutions

The Concept

BI Office integrates the four principal functions of any comprehensive BI strategy into a single, seamless application. Users can now analyse, present, report and predict on their data in a single application that is both intuitive and powerful.

With BI Office, you no longer have to choose between “legacy BI” – generally heavy, difficult to use software with multi-year implementation cycles, and “Agile BI” – easy to use, quick to implement, but generally limited to small departmental projects.

BI Office gives you the best of both worlds: the ease of use of the best of the agile BI solutions, yet integrates into a full enterprise BI framework offering enterprise class security, sharing of business logic, and access to a 'single source of the truth' for all users.

Governing Data Analytics

BI Office is as well adapted to serving the BI needs of a few users in a small or medium sized business as it is to serving thousands of users in a global enterprise. Through an architecture that scales effortlessly, each layer of the application can be scaled up and out and load balanced over as many servers as required. With centralized security and content, that is both shareable and accessible, BI Office offers the flexibility and innovation of business user-driven data discovery with the horsepower, efficiency and manageability of the enterprise.

Is it important to have your analytics with you on the go?

Pyramid Analytics has native apps to cover the entire mobile spectrum, iOS, Android and Windows. The BI Office Platform is an anywhere, anytime platform and thus give you anywhere anytime intelligence. Unlike other BI platforms this is not an add-on. It is built directly into the framework and architecture of the product.

Pyramid Analytics' web based desktop platform easily crosses over into the Cloud. Your dashboard and data are not duplicated into the cloud. You also dont need to VPN into your companies mainframe to access your data. You can access your data just as you would any website. It is secure. You will be shocked by the speed of complex calculations from different parts in the world.

Bijzonder robuust en intuïtief

BI Office van Pyramid is veelzijdig, robuust en richt zich op de data-driven uitdagingen van nu.

Wilt u hierover meer weten of wenst u een demonstratie, aarzel niet om contact op te nemen.

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